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You and/or your organization’s contribution to “The C-Suite Paradigm Project” is appreciated. The funds are used to support the leadership development/Executive Coaching for Women Executives.

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Global Executive Business Consultants promote and support the professional development and strategic positioning of women in their careers as professionals, executives, business owners and leaders to achieve gender parity in the C-Suite of Fortune 500 companies by 2030.

“The C-Suite Paradigm Project”
Gender Parity in Fortune Companies by 2030!

Gender equity, inequality and parity in the workplace is not just a social or legal issue — it’s also a strategic business imperative.

Other reports show that S&P 500 companies with gender-diverse boards of directors outperform their rivals by 1.91 percent. In the U.S. alone, lost economic opportunities by businesses with heavily male-dominated boards amount to approximately $567 billion — about 3.3 percent of gross domestic product.

Yet women remain underrepresented in leadership roles. And the numbers suggest that it makes financial sense to prioritize workplace diversity. “Greater diversity in the workforce leads to diversity of thought and avoids groupthink,” says Julie Page, Chief Executive Officer, Aon U.K. Ltd. “Diversity drives greater business performance across a number of metrics.”

Cary Grace, CEO, Retirement & Investments at Aon, emphasizes the opportunity: “Women make tremendous contributions every day in our business, civic and personal lives. We have made a lot of progress over the past decade, but there is much more we can be doing to create a truly diverse and inclusive workplace that we can all benefit from.”

What should leaders — both male and female — do to remove the obstacles of advancement?

Making the C-Suite Attainable for Women Leaders

Having more women in senior leadership roles, particularly within the C-suite, will likely help female employees across the company develop more favorable perceptions about their career opportunities. “This starts with a commitment from executive leadership teams,” says Lori Goltermann, CEO, Aon Risk Solutions, U.S. Retail. “Senior leaders can help by acknowledging the need for mentors and encouraging new or mid-career-stage female employees to take advantage of this resource.”

With younger or newer female employees, Goltermann suggests companies should:

  • Encourage and enable more professional/personal growth opportunities for women, such as continuing education and seminars.
  • Provide mentorship opportunities from managers — especially women leaders.

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Gender Parity


Strategies for Women’s Economic Impact and Empowerment: Journey to the C-Suite


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