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What We Do

Introducing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEI&B) Artificial Intellegence (AI) Lean Enterprise Transformation (LET) ®

Leveraging Artificial Intellegence to accelerate conscious DEI&B LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT at a disruptive pace using Lean Enterprise Transformation. Lean and Agile principles and patterns to help you move fast at scale. Our consultancy model and framework will demonstrate how to apply these methodologies throughout your organization.

Creating Real World Leadership

C-Level Executive Coaching

  • DNA Behavior Assessments and 360

Emerging Leadership Coaching

  • DNA Behavior Assessments and 360

Business Research

Project Management

Utilizing Scrum and Agile Methodologies

  • AI Leadership Management Systems
  • AI Talent Management Systems
  • AI Facilities Management Systems

Benefits of Executive Coaching on an Enterprise Level

Today’s C-suite leaders and emerging executive leadership face constant forces of disruption and rapidly changing demands. Successful executives must avoid insular thinking, broaden their perspectives, lead organizational change with greater confidence and influence, and drive bold agendas focused on cultural competence; Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEI&B).

Global Executive Business Consultants designed and is leading an innovative DEI&B AI Lean Enterprise Transformation® Leadership Development Learning Process driven by Executive Coaches for C-Suite Leaders, Executive Women Leaders for full implementation in organizations that are on the forefront of transformation.

Benefits for Companies

This Executive Leadership and Development Program provides top executives with an infusion of new insights and tactics to be more effective leaders and accelerate their impact. Executive Coaches will provide individualized Executive Coaching, Group Coaching, DEI&B Lean Enterprise Transformation Project Mastery in a (10 month consultancy), that drive new competitive advantages, while providing companies with a pipeline of executives who are equipped to achieve parity in the C-Suite by 2030. Are your DEI initiatives being measured effectively? Are the DEI initiatives that you’ve put in place truly working for your organization? Learn more about the purposes of DEI&B metrics, various data collection techniques, how to assess your organization’s progress toward DEI goals, and how to assess your organization’s return on investment.

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